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Darth Citrus is your typical orange fruit with an attitude. Growing up in the orchids of the Imperial City, Citrus used the Emperor’s weakness for fruit to rise in the ranks of the Sith army. Beating down his precursor Darth Pineapple, Citrus became the top military man of the Imperial Army, second only to the Emperor. Although crushing the rebel scum is his main job, Citrus teamed up with Agent 101 to create Exploding Deku Nut and use it as the ultimate superweapon. Currently living in a fruit bowl orbiting the Death Moon, don’t make him mad or he’ll crush your entire planet.

Rank: Supreme Commander / Founder / Webmaster / Satire Writer / Webcomic Artist / Layout Dude / etc

Biostats: 20 year old male, living in a snow encrusted landscape called Canada.

Staff Member Since: Forever

Favorite Satire: “Indiana Jones and the Triforce of Destiny” In Production

Favorite Games: StarCraft, Counter-Strike Source, Halo Series, Majora’s Mask, Adventure of Link, Paper Mario, Half Life 2 + Episodes, Sid Meyer’s Alpha Centauri, and Civilzation 3 and 4.

Favorite Sites :Zelda Legends, Joystiq, Giant in the Playground, PWOT, Zelda Blog, Starcraft Legacy, Newgrounds, The Mirth Canal and Penny Arcade